Central government and ZBOs

The central government consists of many organizations in a wide variety of fields of activity. From building and housing to climate, from work to law and security. But also from policy development to executive and controlling services. In the middle of society in a political playing field, ministries, implementing organizations and independent administrative organizations have challenges to face. From local challenges like dealing with the earthquakes caused by gas extraction in Groningen, to geopolitical challenges like receiving refugees and rising energy prices. A complex but rewarding playing field where much can be achieved with Lean .

Common issues

  • The processing times of legislative proposals takes far too long, is opaque and costs a lot of capacity, how can we improve on this?
  • We have large programs to execute in the coming years, how can we work on them with strategy deployment and visual management so that we keep an overview and make timely adjustments?
  • We are short of employees and have hundreds of vacancies, can you help us make this problem smaller?
  • We want all our employees to learn how to improve their work processes using Lean , can you design an appropriate training and work with our internal Lean coaches to deliver the training and coach employees?
  • Our organization was created from different services with different cultures, because of this we have different ways of working that lead to differences in the services we provide. Can you support in ensuring an accepted standard operating procedure?
  • We are currently not meeting the lead times that apply to our processes, can you help us reduce these lead times?
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Central government and ZBOs


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Our training courses can also be provided in-company. Feel free to call us if you would like to spar or get advice on your (customized) training issue. We are happy to think along with you!

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There are many different organizational issues where Lean can help. We have extensive experience in advisory and consultancy issues in the implementation of a Lean process. We use methods such as Strategy Deployment, A3, Gemba Walking, Kaizen, Problem Solving, Coaching On The Job and Training Within Industry. In doing so, we achieve great results and engagement with our clients at all levels of the organization. Let us help with your issue!

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