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Lean Leadership Program

This program is designed for Leadership teams who want to work in a structured way with their own Lean transformation, and want to play a proactive role in it themselves as a Leadership team, both in the role of principal and coach/mentor.

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Who is this training for?

  • For executive and management teams who want to learn in a structured way to shape and guide their own Lean transformation
  • For directors and management teams facing a major challenge in their organization: this could be in growth, in shifting services and/or products, in acquisitions, etc.
  • For board and management teams that have merged or made an acquisition and want to reshape their organization
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What will this training bring you?

As a team you learn best when you go through a process together while working and learning together based on the real organizational issues you are facing.
Under professional guidance from firm, highly experienced senior Lean executive-level experts, you will work to successfully transform your own organization.
Practical knowledge for implementing or further developing Lean in your organization and your role in it.

This is what you will learn

The Lean Leadership Program is designed for groups of executives within a single organization. As a board or management team, you want to learn in a structured way to lead your own Lean transformation. The standard program is made up of five two-day sessions with an interval of several weeks in which the participants work on practical activities and are coached on them. In each session the participants briefly present to each other what they have learned and achieved in the interim period. During the program the first results are achieved and in the last session we conclude with a Transformation Plan for the next phase.

This program is tailor-made in-company. We are happy to discuss the exact content of the program. The program depends on the issues in your organization. The number of days can also be tailored to your needs.


The cost

The price of the Lean Leadership Program is on request. Please contact us and we will discuss your needs and provide a customized quote.

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