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Lean Yellow Belt

Do you and your team want to understand what Lean is and what you can do with it in your work? In two days you will learn what Lean is and some immediately applicable methods to simplify your work and make it more fun!

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Who is this training for?

  • For anyone who wants to make work with colleagues more fun and easier
  • For anyone who enjoys learning how to improve work and work processes
  • For anyone who wants to learn how Lean can help you in your daily work activities
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What will this training bring you?

Short, powerful introduction with Lean full of practical exercises and examples
You get useful tools to immediately apply in your daily work
You can experience whether you get excited about Lean and whether you want to learn more

This is what you will learn

  • Introduction to Lean: Why Lean? What can you do with it in your daily work? How did it originate? Why do many organizations actively use Lean ?
  • The five Lean principles: Customer Value, Value Flow, Flow, Pull and Striving for Perfection.
  • Some commonly used Lean tools: 5S, visual management, day starts, standardized work and how they can help you in your work.
  • Simulation: in a fun game format you will learn how to improve processes in different ways.
  • Translation to your own organization: together we'll look at how you can apply these Lean ideas to your own work and how to go about it.
  • Continued simulation of day 1.
  • Continuous Improvement: working concretely on how best to improve work processes (using the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust or PDCA cycle).
  • You'll also learn the differences between problem solving and real substantial improvement with kaizen.
  • We help you how to get started in your own work solving a problem or making an improvement.
  • ‍Option: if you want, you can receive an official certificate! You will then immediately take a test with multiple choice questions about what we have covered. If you pass, you will receive your Lean Yellow Belt certificate!

The cost

The price for this training is €4,000 for a group of up to 8 people. This amount does not include training materials and certification. For the Lean Yellow belt certificate (issued by the Lean Global Network), participants take a theory test and make an improvement in their own workplace using the methods and techniques provided. The price for certification is €250 per participant.

The amounts above do not include any travel expenses and VAT.

We provide the Lean Yellow Belt training only in-company (minimum 6 to maximum 8 participants per group), so if you have other wishes regarding the days or the content of the program, this is of course possible. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and the price.

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