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We provide training and help in consulting issues where Lean can provide solution. We are also a publisher of Lean books and part of the Lean Global Network, the world's leading party when it comes to Lean.

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Who we are

For us, if we do Lean , we want to do it in the best way possible. ‍That is whywe are the only ones in the Netherlands that are closely linked to the founders of the Lean philosophy, Jim Womack and Dan Jones and the organization they founded: the Lean Global Network. They did extensive research and subsequently developed the Lean methodology, and published many books on the subject.

Our team in the Netherlands consists of 12 driven and ambitious people who are all employed by us. Our trainers all gained years of practical experience as leaders responsible for Lean transformations before joining us. So they draw fully from their own experience and will help you apply what you have learned directly in your own organization. Direct return for your clients, yourself and the organization you work or lead.

Our strength

  • Your issue and goals are the focus!
  • We do not "implement" Lean, but we use Lean to solve organizational issues.
  • We do Lean in a Lean way by creating real value for you, fitting you and your organization.
  • Developing people and making them successful is what drives us.
  • We achieve resounding results in customer value, safety, quality, delivery time, cost, revenue and profit.
  • Modular and situationally appropriate to your organization, clear and transparent, flexible and 'challenging' where necessary.
  • All our senior consultants have at least 15-20 years of experience and are strong in change management, coaching, didactics and of course Lean and related improvement methods and techniques. All of our consultants are Lean (Master) Black Belts.
  • We also do PDCA and continuous improvement: 20% of our time is spent developing materials, our services and ourselves.
The Lean Global Network

Since our founding, we have been part of the Lean Global Network, the world's leading party when it comes to Lean. As a result, we are at the forefront of new developments, have a very extensive network of experts worldwide, and an unprecedented wealth of experience in working on issues in very diverse organizations.

More about the LGN

About Planet Lean

Planet Lean is our popular global online Lean web magazine where we publish new articles, cases and interviews every week. A selection of these are translated into Dutch and can be read on our news page. For all articles go to our international Planet Lean web magazine.

The international Planet Lean web magazine

Our Partners

We have been working with these universities for many years.


We have had a strategic partnership with Nyenrode Business University for many years. We provide various training courses in open enrollment and various Lean consultancy tracks at client organizations.

More on this collaboration

We lead the way in developing and publishing knowledge and skills. For example, we were the first and only party in the Netherlands to develop a university Lean Postgraduate Program in close cooperation with our Italian and Spanish colleagues and Barcelona Tech (Universitat Polytèchnica de Catalunya).

More on this collaboration

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