Land Registry

The Land Registry is an implementing organization of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Keeping public registers and updating the Basic Land Registry and Basic Topography Registry is the legal task of the Land Registry. The Land Registry also maintains coordinate points in the landscape: the National Triangulation System. Above ground, the Land Registry records data of homes, ships, aircraft, plots and roads. Below ground for networks of cables and pipes. Besides the role of registering, the Land Registry also manages facilities of other organizations, the National Facilities such as the WOZ National Facility and the Basic Register of Addresses and Buildings (BAG), among others. We have helped the Land Registry significantly reduce the lead time for its most important product: TOP10NL. This is the digital topographic base map of the Netherlands, with a scale of 1 in 10,000. It shows deposition of roads, buildings, railroad lines, trees, et cetera. It had become apparent that this adjustment process was far too slow. As a result, the TOP10NL map lagged up to four years behind the current situation. Also, the amount of work in progress was too great, causing the database to become overloaded and bogged down. We helped with a Kaizen improvement week in which the process was mapped, the source causes were addressed and we realized flow. As a result, the process is now real-time at, there is little in-between inventory and no more employee and manager stress.



Riegholt Hilbrands

Riegholt Hilbrands is a trainer/consultant at LMI