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Lean Leadership Masterclass

This program is designed for Leadership teams who want to learn about Lean and understand what Lean can do for their organization.

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Who is this training for?

  • For board and management teams who want to understand what Lean is, what you can achieve with it and what you can't.
  • For executives who want to gain knowledge and skills with each other on a variety of continuous improvement topics.
  • For board and management teams who want to determine if Lean is the method they want to work with in their own organization and how best to do so.
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What will this training bring you?

After this training, you will be able to determine if Lean can help you with your organizational issues.
After this master class, you will understand the role of a management or executive team in a Lean organization.
You understand the changes this brings to your organization and your own role.

This is what you will learn

The Lean Leadership Masterclass teaches you which Lean methods and techniques leaders can use from their role to address various issues. In the program we cover theory and you get to work in simulations with the newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Key components:

  • Strategy Deployment (how do I properly translate my goals and empower employees to be successful)
  • Value Stream Improvement (process optimization with flow and pull)
  • Operational Management (creating a stable base in day-to-day operations)
  • Coaching using the A3 method (for developing your employees and yourself)

What does it get you?
  • Understanding your own role as a leader in a Lean environment.
  • Theory coupled with practice through actual cases, examples and simulations.
  • Practical knowledge for implementing or further developing Lean in your organization and your role in it.
  • Clarity on how Lean contributes to your organizational goals.
  • Coaching skills in the Lean-way.
  • Starting point for transforming your organization.
What will you do?

In the Lean Leadership Masterclass we pay extensive attention to the four tasks or levels of Lean Leadership: 1) translating strategy into action on the shop floor, 2) creating brilliant processes, 3) operational management and 4) developing employees. Each task has a specific goal, its own challenges and methods and techniques. During the 2 days, with the help of simulations, demonstrations and explanations of theory, you will learn and experience how to actively engage as a leader with Lean at each of these levels.


- Strategy Deployment

- Process Improvement

- Basic stability

- A3 coaching


The cost

This master class is provided in-company for a team or multiple teams. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and price.

"By looking at a very different process from what you yourself are doing on a daily basis from a distance, you are forced to listen carefully, watch and want to understand the process. And by not only seeing it yourself but also doing it, you then more easily take another person into that train of thought. I can already say that we saved a lot of time. There was so much duplication in the topics we were discussing. By saving time, everyone keeps time to do what they are good at."

Angelo Wouters

Brigade commander BSB of the Royal Netherlands Military Police

"I focused mainly on eliminating waste and how to implement cost savings. In fact, this is quite complex with us because we work with 60,000 different variants of foam. The two-day program gave me a lot of practical applications to implement improvements."

Sil Bolenius

Assistant Production Manager at Sekisui Alveo

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