The Lean Global Network

The Lean Global Network is a network of 30 nonprofit, mission-driven institutions that take responsibility for spreading Lean thinking and doing in their countries and regions.
We meet regularly to exchange experiences and collaborate on projects, products or events.

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About the Lean Global Network

With approximately 300 Lean experts worldwide within its network, the LGN supports organizations in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Our experience shows that Lean thinking and doing can help improve organizational performance and raise living standards. In achieving a balance between our increased desire to consume and minimizing the use of scarce resources and their impact on the environment. 

We believe that Lean thinking and doing also helps each individual to create more value in our increasingly busy lives: getting more satisfaction from your work and continuous personal development. This is where the LGN wants to make its contribution.

We work closely together as institutions in what we call Co-Learning, Educating and Sharing. Read more about this on the LGN website.

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