Rijkswaterstaat is an executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and works every day to make the Netherlands safe, livable and accessible.

Rijkswaterstaat takes care of all waterways, engineering structures and highways in the Netherlands. The Lean Management Institute has been involved with Rijkswaterstaat since 2008. We have coached more than 68 teams at Large Projects in applying Lean in their projects, achieving significant improvements in lead time, quality and costs. We have also trained many hundreds of employees and managers as Lean Green Belt and Lean Black Belt. In addition, we worked with Strategy Deployment in the regions and on a national level to gain more and better insight into the thousands of projects, and to develop and apply control mechanisms that help realize the ambitions with focus and within the frameworks.


Riegholt Hilbrands

Riegholt Hilbrands is a trainer/consultant at LMI