If you have taken a Lean Green or (Master) Black Belt course with us, you can optionally get certified. If you pass, you will receive a Lean Belt certificate issued by the globally recognized Lean Global Network. A certification consists of a theory exam and a practical assignment. With this you demonstrate your ability to improve processes with the help of Lean techniques by carrying out an improvement project.

Important to know

  • There is no deadline by which you must be certified. We recommend that you start your practical assignment right at the beginning of your training. You will find the criteria your practical assignment must meet in your training materials.
  • You will complete your theory exam separately from your practical assignment and certification. Our advice: take your theory test as soon as possible after completing your training days, then you will already have it in your pocket and be halfway to your certification.
  • We would love to help you successfully complete your improvement project! Experience shows that with coaching by our experienced (Master) Black Belts, participants complete their projects faster and with greater impact and results for their organization. So it is a very good investment in yourself and your project to be coached towards practical certification. For this you can purchase a coaching strippenkaart.
  • Your Lean Belt certificate remains valid indefinitely once issued!

The theory exam component

For Lean Green Belt , Yellow Belt and Master Black Belt:
Sign up for the online theory exam

For Lean Black Belt courses taken up to and including 2022:
Sign up for the online theory exam

For Lean Black Belt courses taken from 2023 onwards:
Sign up for the theory exam at Zeist location

Sign up theory online
Sign up theory at Zeist location

The practice certification component

Have you completed your practical and are you ready to get certified? Depending on which training variant you did, you will take your practical exam online via MS Teams or on location in Zeist. In both cases, you will present your improvement project to the examiner and answer questions from the examiner. You will hear immediately after the exam whether you passed.

For Lean Green Belt :
Sign up for the online practice certification

For Lean Black Belt (attended training through 2022):
Sign up for the online practice certification

For Lean Black Belt (attended training from 2023):
Sign up for practice certification at location ZEIST

For Lean Master Black Belt:
Contact your trainer ivm scheduling the certification at your location.

Sign up practice online
Sign in practice at location ZEIST

Need additional coaching?

Are you stuck with an issue in your work or do you need help or feedback on your practice assignment? With us you can take a coaching strip card, where you are assigned a regular coach and receive online coaching on your issue.

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