Fortunately, industry still plays an important role in the Dutch and European markets. From automotive to technological machinery, from tiny parts to super-sized machines. There are also plenty of developments in industry that provide the necessary challenges. We have been helping countless companies, from small SMEs to multinationals, for 2 decades.

Common issues

  • We have a lot of quality problems, can you help us improve this?
  • We use global Supply Chains and are constantly rescheduling, can Lean support us in this?
  • Our growth is exploding and barely keeping up, can you help us?
  • On-time delivery is a problem, especially with the current growth, how can we make a big deal in this?
  • How can we shorten the Time to Market?
  • What should we do to produce more efficiently?
  • How can we address our labor shortage?
  • What can we do to improve our OEE?
  • We are growing exponentially and desperately need additional production capacity, can you help us?
  • We want to build a new factory, can you help us?
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Incompany training needs?

Our training courses can also be provided in-company. Feel free to call us if you would like to spar or get advice on your (customized) training issue. We are happy to think along with you!

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Consulting opportunities

There are many different organizational issues where Lean can help. We have extensive experience in advisory and consultancy issues in the implementation of a Lean process. We use methods such as Strategy Deployment, A3, Gemba Walking, Kaizen, Problem Solving, Coaching On The Job and Training Within Industry. In doing so, we achieve great results and engagement with our clients at all levels of the organization. Let us help with your issue!

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Customer experiences

We asked LMI to support us with a Value Stream Mapping of our company. They were available at very short notice and delegated two Master Black Belts. The VSM process carried out was extremely successful. LMI's support in this was of eminent importance, because it enabled us to have full focus in a very short time and to arrive at insights through the chain in collaboration. And then to arrive at a shared vision. The LMI Master Black Belts are knowledgeable, experienced, with integrity and flexibility. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Ben Niekerk

Site Manager Tata Steel Tubes

We have been working with LMI for years and have been very satisfied. LMI's Lean coach provides customized training such as Problem Solving, as well as sensei coaching on the floor. Always good feedback, tips and concrete tools for our employees and managers.

Eric de Haan

Program Manager Thales

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