Tata Steel

Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen improvement week

"We asked LMI to support us with a Value Stream Mapping of our company, to quickly identify where potential improvements could be made through the chain. LMI was available on very short notice and delegated two Master Black Belts.

During the two preparation days with key stakeholders, it already became clear that various departments had the same view of the challenges, but not yet of the possible solutions. Using Value Stream Mapping and various other Lean Tools to support the process, the project team delivered 7 A3s and 13 Low Hanging Fruit projects in 5 days (through a Kaizen improvement week). Which together provide the solutions to our company's challenges. The executed VSM process can thus be called extremely successful.

The support of LMI was of eminent importance in this, because it enabled us to have complete focus in a very short time and to come to insights through the chain in collaboration. And then come to a shared vision.

The LMI Master Black Belts are knowledgeable, experienced, with integrity and flexible. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Ben Niekerk, Site Manager Tata Steel


Frank van Velzen

Frank van Velzen is a trainer/consultant at LMI