Municipalities are complex organizations where very different processes and services come together. And then there is the political agenda at play, with very different needs and requirements. In recent years, several fields of work have moved from central government to local municipal organizations. In short: a fascinating work environment with plenty of challenges to tackle with Lean . Think about speeding up processes and managing departments. Or improving the perceived customer value.

Common issues

  • We promised to build thousands of houses in this college term, how are we going to make that happen?
  • How do we as management get a better sense of where we are, what priorities we are giving and where we want to focus our attention?
  • We want all our employees to learn how to improve their work processes using Lean . Can you design appropriate training and use our internal Lean coaches to deliver the training and coach employees?
  • How will we meet increasing demand with our existing staffing?
  • How can we improve our efficiency?
  • We are currently not meeting turnaround times for important processes for our residents, how are we going to reduce the turnaround times?
  • We see that insufficient integrated consideration leads to remedial work, can you support us with realizing "in-one-go" policy processes?
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Our training courses can also be provided in-company. Feel free to call us if you would like to spar or get advice on your (customized) training issue. We are happy to think along with you!

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Consulting opportunities

There are many different organizational issues where Lean can help. We have extensive experience in advisory and consultancy issues in the implementation of a Lean process. We use methods such as Strategy Deployment, A3, Gemba Walking, Kaizen, Problem Solving, Coaching On The Job and Training Within Industry. In doing so, we achieve great results and engagement with our clients at all levels of the organization. Let us help with your issue!

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