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The Netherlands is a major player in the Food and Agro sector, we are the number two exporter worldwide and lead the way in research and development. At the same time, the sector is facing major challenges such as climate change, the nitrogen crisis and economies of scale. Plenty of opportunities to make meaningful improvements with Lean . The Lean Management Institute has helped many organizations in Food and Agro with a variety of issues over the past 20 years.

Common issues in the Food and Agro industry

  • How can we better serve our customers?
  • How can we shorten the Time to Market?
  • What can we do to launch a greater volume of product introductions without adding staff?
  • How can we reduce our costs?
  • What should we do to produce more efficiently?
  • How can we reduce our waste?
  • What can we come up with to improve our yield?
  • How can we address our labor shortage?
  • Our OEE is too low, do you have any ideas how we can better utilize our machinery?
  • We want to build a new factory, can you help us?
  • We want to double in our sales in the next 10 years, how can we go about it?
  • How can we reduce our ecological foodprint?
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Consulting opportunities

There are many different organizational issues where Lean can help. We have extensive experience in advisory and consultancy issues in the implementation of a Lean process. We use methods such as Strategy Deployment, A3, Gemba Walking, Kaizen, Problem Solving, Coaching On The Job and Training Within Industry. In doing so, we achieve great results and engagement with our clients at all levels of the organization. Let us help with your issue!

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Customer experiences

LMI helps us in our transformation to provide Albert Heijn customers with fresh cut vegetables, fruits, meal salads and fresh pizzas. They provide training, improvement processes (Kaizens) on our product families and practical help on the shop floor. But they have also helped us in our New Product Introduction process, and in setting up new production lines. This has already brought us many benefits: quality has improved, we throw away less good products, and so we also save a lot in our costs. I am happy with the help from the team at LMI: they are hands-on, flexible and help us make really good successes.

Gertjan van Potten

Operations Director Royal Vezet

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