Lean leadership at 365 and Dreamplace Hotels

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February 28, 2023
Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo
Roberto Priolo is editor at the Lean Global Network and Planet Lean
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Earlier this month, we attended a Lean Day at Dreamplace Hotels and Resorts in the Canary Islands. We sat down with two Lean leaders to discuss their companies' transformations.

Interviewees: Marco López and Juan Antonio Tena

Dreamplace and 365 are two organizations that readers of Planet Lean are probably familiar with, as we have written extensively about both. What we hadn't yet done was bring senior executives from the two organizations face to face to talk about Lean and leadership. The opportunity to do so came earlier this month, when we attended a Lean Day at the Gran Tacande hotel in Tenerife. Watch the video here.

The interviewees

Juan Antonio Tena
Juan Antonio Tena is CEO of 365.cafe
marco lopez
Marco López is general manager of Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts

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