Lean at the Municipality of Breda

Published on
March 14, 2023
René Aernoudts
René Aernoudts
René Aernoudts is director/owner of LMI
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For the past 6 years, the municipality of Breda has been successfully working with Lean. In the book The Lean government Erik Ottens writes about Breda's experiences with Lean. Erik describes not only his own experiences but also those of many colleagues and their views on Lean. Because of this, everyone can get something out of the book, even if you are a trainee, team leader, director, etc. The municipality of Breda started with 1 improvement project but expanded to hundreds of improvement projects, a large part of the municipality and even directors of other municipalities. If you are curious and want to know more about the book, you can now read the first chapter for free via this link. Or you can buy the book immediately at 15% discount through this link.

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