Lean Wave

In a Lean Wave, every one to two weeks you receive a short training on a Lean theme and immediately (often the same day) start working on it in your own practice under the guidance of an experienced coach.

If you are working as an organization or as a team on Lean you can, of course, take a training course. But you can also opt for an approach that you can do with an entire team, where you can start working directly in practice. In this way you can quickly achieve results, practice the desired behavior and thus make implementation in practice many times easier.

The Lean Wave is based on the premise that every week (or two weeks) you receive a short training on a Lean topic (1 to 2 hours) and then (e.g., the same day), under the guidance of an experienced coach, start working with it in your own practice. With on-the-job coaching we help you in practicing the new way of working.

The goals of a Lean Wave are to at the team level:

- Lean Leadership and Lean Work really get 'on the floor'

- Create basic stability (Man, Method, Material, Machine)

- Embed Continuous Improvement into the daily work rhythm

- Get Lean thinking and doing into the normal way of working (i.e., achieve a culture shift)

- Achieve concrete improvements in safety, quality, productivity and costs

We build the Lean Wave in a logical way:

1. Who are our customers and who else are in our value stream(Value Stream Mapping)?

2. How do we know if we are successful? (Operational Management)

3. How do we deal with deviations and how can we resolve the deviations quickly?(Problem Solving)

4. How can we simplify and standardize with work?(Standardized Work)

5. How to train the new way of working according to the TWI way (key steps, key points and reasons why in 4 stages and 7 rounds / Job Instruction)

6. How can you set up and do your job well as a team leader?(Gemba Walk, Visualization)

7. How can you optimize the work environment?(5S workplace organization)

8. How can you improve current standards?(Kaizen and ECRS)

9. How to establish and implement new management routines. (Leader Standard Work)  

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