Choice Guide

Are you unsure which belt course best suits your issue?
Below we help you get started with our decision aid. Feel free to contact us if you still feel the need to spar!

You are eager to work by yourself or with your team to make the work more fun and better for ourselves and our customers
You would like to work with your team, department or organization on cross-team or organization-wide process improvements and organizational issues
For all
For whom.
Focus on?
Your own work
If you want to learn the basics of Lean and discover what you can accomplish with it
The basics of Lean and useful tools such as: 5S, visual management, day starters and how to solve problems easily
Senior staff, team leaders, project leaders
Senior staff, project leaders, improvement managers, executives
Experienced Lean coaches and project and improvement managers
Executives, directors, executive teams
You know what Lean is, how to use it and you can work with it in your own work
Lean Yellow BeltLean Green Belt
Entire organization
Entire organization
Something for you?
What do you learn?
What can you do after the course?
Your own team or department
Our advice:
If you are facing one or more challenges as an executive team and probably want to address them with Lean
If you lead change processes and are active at all levels of the organization in improving and training employees 
If you want to implement an improvement project or lead a team that wants to improve performance 
The basics of Lean such as customer value and the 7 wastes, as well as how to solve problems in a structured way, improve processes and secure results
You can make improvements with your team and secure the results
Lean Black Belt
How to lead a successful transformation, what key questions to work on and how to do it properly and how to properly organize and execute your own role in it
Lean Master Black Belt
How to achieve change in different aspects of the organization. In the areas of leadership and strategy, designing and improving value streams, operational management and developing a Lean culture
Lean leadership training
The five core principles of Lean, how to improve processes with Value Stream Mapping, Flow, Leveling and Pull and how to use the A3 method to effectively collaborate your organization to achieve and secure improvements.
If you are going to implement improvement projects that go beyond departmental boundaries, for example, Value Stream projects.
You know what issues you want to work on and how to do so, with the commitment of your team and (internal and/or external) Lean coaches
You can improve team or departmental processes and enthuse colleagues in the process
You play an effective role as both expert and coach in all aspects and layers of your organization