Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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An agreement between a customer and a supplier to achieve certain (time-bound) targets as part of a handover. Often such an agreement specifies the time frame within which the handover must occur, and this includes a certain time buffer. For example, "Radiology agrees to a turnaround time of one hour for all requests for standard thoracic radiographs. This means that while some requests may take less than an hour, all requests for standard chest radiographs will be handled within an hour. The actual time of handover can also be specified, such as 'The cleaners will pass on requests for replenishment of supplies daily at three o'clock.' 

A more complex type of agreement is "proceed until halted. Here, someone who must approve the work is informed that the work has begun (e.g., "We are checking patient X's insurance coverage") and the work continues unless that person halts it within a specified time period. (To Worth et al., 2012. p. 71.) 

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