Production Analysis Board

A display, often a large whiteboard, placed next to a process on which actual performance can be read against planned performance. 

The board in the illustration shows the performance of a process from hour to hour, showing both planned and actual production. If production does not match the schedule, the problem is noted and a cause is sought. 

From a process that is regulated by pull signals and not by a pre-established schedule, the numbers required by the next process downstream in the value stream will be recorded, which may differ from the schedule during some shifts or days. The numbers required will be compared with actual production. 

A production analysis board can be an important tool for visual management, especially if a company plans to move to Lean production. However, it is important to realize that a production analysis board is intended as a tool for identifying and solving problems and not, as is often mistakenly thought, as a tool for planning production. It is sometimes called a planning board or progress board , or, better, a problem-solving board

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