Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

A component of total productive maintenance (TPM) that measures how effectively equipment is being used. 

OEE is calculated using three elements: availability represents losses in downtime due to outages and equipment adjustments as a percentage of scheduled time. Productivity expresses losses in speed - when the process is slower than its intended speed and interruptions last a few seconds. Quality expresses losses due to downtime and repairs as a percentage of total parts processed. 

To calculate OEE, these three elements are multiplied by each other: 

Availability × productivity × quality = OEE 

If availability is 90%, productivity is 95% and quality is 99%, the following percentage emerges: 

0.90 × 0.95 × 0.99 = 84.6% OEE 

OEE typically focuses on what are considered the six biggest losses: breakdowns, turnarounds, short stops, slower speed, downtime and repair work. However, some companies add other elements they consider important to their business. 

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