Care and Wellness

The healthcare sector plays an important role in everyone's life: birth and death, and everything we experience in between those two moments in terms of illness, accidents or wishes related to our physical or psyche. There are many positives to report in the sector, such as that we are seeing better and better survival rates for cancer, for example, but there are also quite a few challenges: staff shortages, pandemics, funding issues et cetera. Since 2000, Lean has been on the radar in healthcare, and many healthcare facilities have had good experiences, and patients and all of us benefit from that: we see shorter wait times and turnaround times and are less likely to get sick.

Common issues

  • What can we do to address our workforce shortage?
  • Costs are rising, quality is not improving: how can we create more customer value? 
  • How can we quickly onboard new employees into the organization?
  • How can we improve turnaround time for certain care processes?
  • What can we do to better organize planning?
  • How do we get the logistics processes in better order so that we no longer have a shortage of pillows, beds and other materials?
  • How do we keep healthcare accessible and reachable for all with the digitization drive underway?
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Care and Wellness


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There are many different organizational issues where Lean can help. We have extensive experience in advisory and consultancy issues in the implementation of a Lean process. We use methods such as Strategy Deployment, A3, Gemba Walking, Kaizen, Problem Solving, Coaching On The Job and Training Within Industry. In doing so, we achieve great results and engagement with our clients at all levels of the organization. Let us help with your issue!

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