Problem Solving

In Problem Solving, we help teams translate from a vague problem to a concrete issue that can be solved in parts. In doing so, we always visit the Gemba/work floor to observe, analyze and test frequently.

Problem Solving focuses on solving a so-called "caused" problem: we were achieving a certain level up to now, but we can no longer do so. In Problem Solving, we look for the source causes that cause us to no longer achieve our previous level. Problem Solving is about translating a vague problem into a concrete problem that can be solved in parts. Here, it is important to visit the "crime scene" (also called Gemba ) and make observations, actively involve affected employees in analyzing and drafting and testing countermeasures. In this way, they are also more likely to ensure that the problem does not recur! We guide customers and customer teams to dissect problems to their true source causes. And from there devise and implement structured solutions. We also do almost daily Gemba Walks at organizations in which we observe, give feedback and make problems visible. We are happy to help you with your Problem Solving issue.

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